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Vsoft Pdo Thread Lift in Colchester

How does the face age?

A young face tends to be shaped like a ‘V”. With age the skin loses its structure, elasticity, volume, muscles and even bone mass. This means the classical youthful V-shape is reversed and becomes more like an inverted ‘V’. The treatment method V SOFT LIFT aims to restore the youthful facial V shape. This is achieved with small, thin threads positioned in the subdermal tissue. V SOFT LIFT offers a triple response enabling stimulation of collagen production, a durable lifting effect and tighter, firmer skin. For todays patients looking for the natural look.

1. What is V SOFT LIFT?

V SOFT LIFT is a minor non-invasive treatment with thin threads that lift the skin, increase elasticity. The threads are completely biodegradable. Side effects are minimal except for possible swelling. Immediately after the treatment you may return to your normal daily activities. The material is of monofilament polydioxanone (PDO), a biocompatible suture material that holds the tissues and stimulates collagen formation.

2. What are the threads?

V SOFT LIFT are small, thin patented threads absorbed gradually by the skin tissue. Parts or whole of the face can be treated in order to achieve lift, replenishment and revitalisation. The cheeks, jawline, mouth corners, eyebrows, frown and neck all respond well to the treatment. Often the only other option is surgery. The procedure takes between thirty and sixty minutes. It is a bit more involved than a filler treatment but with more advanced results. Immediately after treatment you may choose to return to your normal daily activities, albeit with a little help from make-up and concealer. You should notice several immediate positive effects, such as lift and repositioning of the tissues. After four weeks you will appreciate an improved, smoother and fuller complexion with restoration of the youthful balance of the face.

3. How does a V SOFT LIFT treatment work?

Many thin threads attached to needles are inserted into the dermis in a meshwork pattern, feeling somewhat like a filler treatment. The threads are placed at specific sites for the desired lift and the needles removed. The threads provide lift and reproduces youthful facial features including thicker skin. The treatment is performed with a local anaesthetic similar to that used for minor surgery. The results are immediately visible after the procedure although the full results take around two months to develop.

4. What is the advantage of a V SOFT LIFT treatment?

VSOFT LIFT addresses some problems associated with facial ageing that are only otherwise dealt with by invasive surgery, in particular sagging aspects of the low face, neck and jaw line. V SOFT LIFT thus offers anti-ageing solutions for those not wishing to undergo surgery. Although the results cannot be compared to surgery the treatment is more affordable and tolerable. The treatment can be combined with other treatments eg fillers and toxin and can be performed over a period of time rather than all at once.

5. How long does a V SOFT LIFT?

The effect lasts one to two years, depending on age, lifestyle and skin condition. Results generally last longer in people who take care of their skin and general health by avoiding the sun, attention to a healthy diet and not smoking.

6. Is there a risk of complications or side effects?

Swelling and possible bruising may occur with treatment.

7. Who is authorized to conduct a V SOFT LIFT treatment?

A V SOFT LIFT treatment may only be performed by a trained, certified physician.

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