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Top tips for a kissable smile

Top tips for a kissable smile

So, you’ve planned the perfect outfit, had a romantic evening and then, as you lean in for the kiss, you notice! What’s that smell? What’s that on their teeth? The moment is officially ruined! Nobody wants this to happen.

With your smile being the first thing that people notice about you, the appearance of your teeth is just as important as your hair, shoes and outfit. To help you get gorgeous teeth and minty fresh breath, we asked Dr Stephen Pitt for his top tips to achieving a kissable smile.

Visit your dentist


Busy schedules or fear of treatment often prevents people from attending their regular routine dental appointments. Whatever else is going on it is very important that you attend for your dental appointments as this will help to ensure that your teeth stay clean, white and healthy for a lifetime.

Pay attention to your whole mouth

It is important to ensure that you look after your whole mouth. This means you should brush at least twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste, use interdental cleaning aids to remove any debris that may be trapped between teeth and use a mouthwash to ensure that your breath is always minty fresh.  

Teeth whitening


If you are looking to dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth for minimal outlay, why not consider a course of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening helps to lighten and brighten your teeth without causing any damage to your natural teeth. With our fantastic in surgery teeth whitening you will be able to see results in as little as one hour, ensuring that your smile is looking great no matter what you’ve got planned this Valentine’s.

Book in for a smile makeover

You may not have time to get anything extensive complete before Valentine’s day, but why not book a consultation with our dental team to discuss a smile makeover ready for the summer, so you have something to be excited about, even if you can’t smile about it yet! The dentist will perform a full assessment of your teeth and gum and put together a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve a smile you may never have dreamed possible.

Don’t forget the rest of your smile


The perfect teeth may start with great teeth but that is not the whole story. Are you concerned about lines and wrinkles ageing your smile? Anti-wrinkle treatments can help to smooth and rejuvenate skin helping to ensure you are always looking your best.

Ensure that there is nothing stopping you sharing a kiss with your special someone this Valentine’s and get kiss ready at The Dental Studio.

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