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Have you ever felt uncertain or embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth when you smile or laugh? Perhaps you need to work in close proximity to other people or frequently address meetings or groups and find your confidence reduced because you know you have crooked or unevenly spaced teeth. If so and you've ever given consideration to having anything done about it, it's likely that you will have come across the word "orthodontics".

Orthodontics is derived from the ancient Greek and means "to straighten teeth" and the goal of this type of treatment is to correct the appearance of irregular and misaligned teeth. In the past, this has been a prohibitively expensive option for adults, not to mention a lengthy one which might well have involved some discomfort caused by the necessity to have retaining braces in the mouth over a period of many months. An alternative is sometimes to fit veneers (thin layers of porcelain) over the front of teeth to improve their appearance.

If any of this has put you off having treatment in the past, now is the time to reconsider. Six Month Smiles is a new system which originated in the USA where it has been a massive success. Six Month Smiles is gaining in popularity in the UK and patients of The Dental Studio in Colchester, Essex can already take advantage of this as we are one of the first dental practices in the UK to adopt it.

Six Month Smiles utilises a new type of orthodontic technology which enables teeth to move in a safe, comfortable and functionally effective manner. It concentrates on correcting the aspects that you are particularly concerned about and provided you do not need to alter your bite significantly, then you will gain an excellent result in a surprisingly short time.

Treatment times can vary between 4 and 9 months but the average is just 6 months. Compare that to the 18 months the conventional treatment often lasted! What's more this revolutionary system doesn't achieve quicker results by tightening braces to speed up movement as you might think. Of course it will still be necessary to wear a retainer but Six Month Smiles makes use of special nickel titanium wires that are barely visible and the same colour as your teeth. We'll be able to help you select your preferred choice from a range of options including Quick Braces. Because the system focuses on the position of your teeth rather than the position of your bite, low force is used so that your teeth will move comfortably, also reducing the risk of any damage to roots or gums to a lower level than might be the case with traditional methods.

So here is the perfect answer if you have concerns about crooked teeth. A new, fast and economical short term orthodontic system which offers the results you want in an average of six months, with a much higher degree of comfort, almost invisible braces and is generally less expensive than standard orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces or the application of veneers.

There really isn't a catch. You can see some "before and after" pictures below and also click here to read what Six Month Smiles patients have to say about the treatment. Most adults (age 15 upwards) are potentially suitable candidates for Six Month Smiles so if you want straight and evenly spaced teeth, we welcome enquiries from anywhere in Essex and beyond. You can even spread the cost with our range of interest free or low cost payment plans. Click here for more information.

Why not call us at The Dental Studio in Colchester to ask about a free Six Month Smiles consultation?

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