My 6 Month Smile Experience | The Dental Studio Colchester, Essex

My 6 Month Smile Experience

My 6 Month Smile Experience

I’m several months in now and my teeth have moved a lot and my treatment is progressing well. My dentist is pleased with my teeth’s progress and has told me it will take another 3 or 4 months until we’re finished.

I did have a bracket come off of one of my back teeth this month, but after checking with the dentist it was fine to leave it off, and it would not cause any issues by not being there, the bands and wire where changed. I didn’t experience any discomfort or soreness for 24hrs after my appointment this time and I haven’t for the last few appointments either.


If you are having orthodontic treatment and you have a bracket come of or any other concerns about something, it’s always worth a phone call to your dentist to check if you need an appointment or maybe you are ok to wait until your next booked appointment like me.

Cleaning – Is still tricky although the spaces between my teeth have opened up for now, so I’m using tepe brushes at the moment, I’m finding these easier to clean between your teeth with when you have bigger gaps.image_03