Introducing Libby

Introducing Libby

Hi, my name is Libby and I’ve been training to become a dental nurse for around 1 month, 13 days, 6 hours and 38 minutes; and disregarding the half hour it took me to work all that out, I’ve been loving every minute of it. I’m currently working towards an Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship Diploma in Dental Nursing which requires me to work at the dental studio and attend college once a week.

Growing up I always thought I would be either a princess or a crime fighting ninja turtle when I was an adult, however being a dental nurse is better than both combined. I’m really enjoying the course and love my college days at Colchester Institute. I can’t wait to hopefully pass my course in two years time and become a fully qualified dental nurse and get registered with the GDC.

I had to have train track braces for four years, and even had my bands matching my prom dress for graduation – which wasn’t as cool as you’d think it would be. Despite making me look like the bionic girl for my teenage years, I was really interested in how they worked and was really happy with the end result. This kick started my interest in dentistry and set me up for my Dental Nursing apprenticeship.

Each week I am to cover a variety of subjects to do with both The Dental Studio and dentistry in general. The blog entries are here to inform and entertain, and will hopefully cover the questions you have, before you’ve even asked them. Let us know if you have any topic suggestions or questions you’d like us to cover!