Healthy Stocking Fillers

Healthy Stocking Fillers

Christmas is nearly upon us and the shops are busy with everyone selecting gifts for their loved ones.

Years ago Christmas stockings would contain nuts, an orange and an apple. Times have changed!

In amongst the various gifts why not include some of the following:

A new toothbrush

A toothbrush with a character on the handle for children

A toothbrush holder for travelling

An egg timer to help people to brush for the recommended 2 minutes

Replacement heads for people who use electric toothbrushes



Floss picks

Interdental brushes

A tongue cleaner

A mirror

Disclosing tablets

A bottle of fluoride mouthwash

A lip balm for the winter weather

A sunscreen lip balm – especially for those skiing or holidaying in the sun early in 2016

A selfie stick for the person to take selfies of their fabulous smile!

You can of course still include the traditional items mentioned above – they are healthy snacks.


Merry Christmas!