Elise’s Brace Diary Start Date 27th August 2016

Elise’s Brace Diary  Start Date 27th August 2016

Brace Day
Today is the day! The day I’ve been waiting for. I am nervous but excited, and also a little scared as I don’t know what to expect.
Ian was amazing at explaining exactly what he was doing throughout the whole process, and really made me feel at ease.



Not my best selfie, I must say!


Ian started by placing a rubber sheet around my mouth, to keep my lips away from my teeth. It is surprisingly comfortable!
He then prepared my teeth with a green gel and washed it away and started bonding the brackets to my teeth.


The brackets and wire are on, and less noticeable then I thought! Feels very strange, but only where my lip keeps resting on the brace.
3 hours later, and NO PAIN. I really thought it would start hurting me by now. I think this could be easier then I first thought ☺