Elise’s Brace Diary Date 28th August 2016

Elise’s Brace Diary  Date 28th August 2016

It’s Bank Holiday, and its my first night out with braces.
As a single 24 year old, I was super worried about what other people might think! But in actual fact seeing this photo amazed me with how discreet this system really is ☺





So far I can eat, meaning NO PAIN STILL!
The only thing I can say, is that I am starting to feel the brace rubbing on the inside of my mouth.
I am thinking…hmm… tomorrow is going to be a painful day, its been to easy so far.

I know it sounds crazy, but I can really see a difference already! Especially in my two front teeth. I was told my braces will be on for 4-6 months. I am really hoping it might be 4 months, as the progress seems to be fast.