Elise’s Brace Diary 30th August 2016

Elise’s Brace Diary  30th August 2016

The pain has basically gone, I can eat food as normal, which makes me very happy.
I can feel such a change in my teeth already, but finding it hard to close my mouth.
Apparently, where my teeth have moved, it has changed my bite making it hard for me to close completely together. This will be corrected in time, but for now I shall have to deal with it. To be honest it doesn’t bother me at all, if anything it stops my clenching habit, so its really a plus for me.

So today is my first day back at work after the Bank Holiday. I decided to have my normal morning coffee to start the day. What a mistake that was! I had been so careful with what I had eaten, so I didn’t stain the bands on my brace. I didn’t think coffee would be the one to do it! Note to self, don’t drink coffee!
My next Appointment with Ian is on the 10th September and although I may experience the pain again, the appointment can not come quick enough. At the next appointment I will have my bands changed, which means… no more yellow bands. As they are yellow now I might as well drink all the coffee I want.