Elise’s Brace Diary 29th August 2016

Elise’s Brace Diary  29th August 2016

Yesterday I was right, I am now in pain. The pain is so hard to describe, but it is constant, and taking pain killers to help. If you are reading this and have braces or considering braces at all these will be your new best friends:

Ortho wax – I plastered this everywhere the brace was rubbing. Worked wonders, and don’t think I could have lived without it!


Tepe’s – Eating can be a very messy business with food getting stuck in your brace. Not to panic, as using these Tepe’s between your bracket and wire is so quick and easy.




Superfloss – The gaps between my teeth have become more open for me to start using superfloss, to really keep my cleaning up to standard. It can be quite hard to start, but now I have the hang of it.




Electric toothbrush – Honestly the best invention ever! I would recommend an electric over a manual even if you don’t have a brace. The comparison is amazing and can really feel the difference.
The smaller head is great to get them hard to reach places, and brushing either side of your brackets.



Bonjela mint cool – So I may have gone over board, but I have been caking on this bonjela. It stings so much when I put it on, but I tell myself that is because it is working! It might not do anything for me at all, but thought I would give it a go.


Soup – I can not eat a thing! I have tried to eat a soft sandwich and failed. So resorted to soup in the mean time. I was told certain foods may stain my elastic bands, but thankfully good old tomato soup was fine!