Dental Plans FAQ’s

Dental Plans FAQ’s

Below we’ve answered some common questions we find our patients have in regards to our plans. Use these to get familiar on our brilliant plans and make the best decision for you and your teeth.

What’s better about paying monthly instead of as and when I need to?
By paying monthly, you have one thing less to worry about. You are able to budget for your dental treatment, and spread the cost over the year.

What if I don’t need any treatment- why pay more?
Even if you weren’t to have any treatment, the plan still works out great for you! If were only using the essentials plan B cover for two exams and two hygiene visits a year, at £12.25 a month you’d still be saving at least £17 annually! Not to mention the great perks you’ll receive as well: X-rays when necessary, 10% off dental treatment and the Dental Studio supplementary insurance. How could you say no?

The Dental Studio supplementary insurance? What’s that?

We at the Dental Studio are members of Hiscox’s insurance scheme, meaning that with their help, we can provide you with the best of care when you need it most. Features of our insurance include worldwide coverage, emergency treatment and call outs, redundancy support, and even dental implants. For more information on our insurance, feel free to get in touch!

What about the NHS?
The Dental Studio is a private practice and our small NHS contract is full up. However, with our Essential plans, we are able to give you the quality and care you need for the affordable prices you want. With plans starting as low as £12.25 a month – there’s something for everyone here at The Dental Studio.

When can I join?
Easy- right now! If you’re already a patient with us give us a call to get the ball rolling and have us send you the paperwork. If you’re not already a patient with us give us a call to book in your first appointment and feel free to fill in the paper work while you’re here! Easy peasy!

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here or if you’d like to sign up to our plans please ring us on 01206 845891.