Facial Aesthetic: The Right Time?

If you or someone you love is considering facial aesthetics in Colchester, then we at The Dental Studio would love to partner with you on that journey and help in whatever way we can. We put the wellbeing and health of patients at the forefront of all we do and for that reason we want to make sure that patients are always looking at facial aesthetics in Colchester for the right reasons. What do we mean by these? Let’s take a look together.

Why Do We Need Facial Aesthetics ?

To kick things off, let’s take a second to make sure we’re all on the same page. Facial aesthetics in Colchester is an umbrella term for any cosmetic procedure that’s done in practice to alter the look of the face. We, at The Dental Studio, specially deliver on: anti-wrinkle injections, necks lifts and filler. All of these treatments are done at our studio and are designed to help patients feel more confident in their skin.

Generally facial aesthetic treatments are becoming more and more popular as they start to be used across more age ranges with younger women and men now using them to help prevent the signs of aging before it happens. While we fully support this we always want to make sure that patients are undergoing facial aesthetic treatments for the ‘right’ reasons. In order to understand this better, we’ve put together a set of questions you should be asking yourself before opting for treatment.

What Am I Trying To Achieve?

It’s really important to take a moment and assess exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve with the treatment you’ve chosen. If you want to create a whole new face then you’re really not setting yourself with achievable expectations, but you’re also ignoring that there could be something else going on for you.

We want treatments to elevate what patients already have and not help change the way they look entirely.

Why Do You Want To Do This?

It’s probably the most important question of all… why? Taking a moment to take stock of why you want to change this thing is important. Is it because of cultural beauty standards? Because if it is then doing this might not be the answer you’re looking for. Is it because you think once the treatment is complete you’ll be happy? Again, changing a little thing on your face really won’t make a difference to your overall view. Check in with yourself as to why you want to do this and make sure you’re talking it through with your loved ones.

Why Now?

Lots of people end up turning to quick fixes when they’re going through something. It’s very common for people experiencing heartbreak or job loss to start looking at things they can change about themselves to help numb whatever it is they’re feeling. We would much rather you wait a few more months just to be sure you want the procedure rather than rushing into it at the moment. We’ll still be here in June and July and August!