Scale and polish

Scale and polish

Your teeth aren’t the only things in your mouth you need to look after, your gums need some attention too! Like a child or your new 20 year old girlfriend, your gums need constant looking after to make sure they’re not going to let you down. This is where our magnificent hygienist Kate comes in.

Kate has been with the dental studio right from the very start, and is fully committed to making sure your gums are perfectly healthy. An appointment with Kate is only £40, and will take around 20 minutes. During the session she will scale your teeth, removing any build up of tartar, and then have a look at how healthy your gums are. She’ll also be keeping an eye on your diet and smoking habits to help give you the right advice you need to ensure your gums are the best they can be.

The second half of the appointment will be the polish. This is just a general polish of your teeth, making them look (and feel!) like brand new. At the end of the session she’ll recommend how often you should be coming to visit her, and answer any questions you have about your mouth.

Give us a ring if you have any questions about out hygienist or would like to book an appointment.