Veneers Offer

Composite Veneers

Interested in using composite veneers to improve the appearance of broken, chipped, damaged, discoloured or misaligned teeth?

The team at The Dental Studio are experts in providing composite veneers and ensure that we always get the best possible results for our patients. Veneers provide a great solution to ensure you see dramatic improvements in your smile in a very short period of time.

Composite veneers can be completed in just one appointment and the entire process should be as pain-free and relaxed as possible. In many cases it is even possible to complete treatment without the need for anaesthetic. A small amount of the tooth surface is removed to allow for the placement of composite resin in the desired shape without adding any bulk to your tooth. The composite resin is light cured ensuring that it is immediately strong and is then finished and polished to ensure you get a completely natural looking smile.

Benefits of composite veneers

  • Composite veneers can be made chairside, reducing the amount of time you need to spend in the surgery.
  • Composite veneers can be easily repaired if they become damaged.
  • Composite veneers require minimal preparation, meaning your natural teeth are not permanently altered to such an extent that the composite material cannot be removed and replaced as needed.
  • Composite veneers reduce the risk of complications arising as they do not require excessive preparation of healthy teeth.
  • Composite veneers can last for a number of years provided they are well cared for.
  • Composite veneers can be a cost effective way to transform the appearance of your smile.
  • We also offer 0% finance to help you spread the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly amounts. Terms and conditions apply and subject to status.