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Tooth Wear

Advanced tooth wear, or worn down teeth, is an increasingly common problem in adults which often dramatically affects the aesthetics of your smile. Advanced tooth wear can also cause your teeth to be sensitive to hot and cold drinks or food and can make eating difficult. The good news is that most cases are now treatable without the need for injections or drills.
Tooth wear can be caused through grinding or clenching, aggressive tooth brushing, acid erosion from acidic foods and drinks in our diets and erosion in patients with conditions like bulimia or acid-reflux. Of course we often see patients with more than one, or even a combination of all of these risk factors.
The management of tooth wear used to be challenging. However the introduction of white composite materials has significantly changed our traditional approach to the problem. We now match the natural shade of your teeth and rebuild the worn teeth by bonding white composite material directly to them. This treatment option is clinically proven, very conservative and improves both the function and aesthetics of your smile.
Our treatment is called the Dahl technique and it has been successfully used in clinical practice for almost 30 years. The great advantage is that very little or no preparation of the teeth is needed; it is viable for single teeth or full mouth rehabilitations and is a time and cost-effective, reversible treatment. Our treatment option is focused on preventing any further tooth loss and patients should try and limit their exposure to any of the above risk factors. The use of daily fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste will help strengthen your teeth against tooth wear.
Our restorative dental treatments aim to return your teeth to optimum dental health, function and aesthetics. That’s where our expertise and experience in all aspects of restorative dentistry, as well as other disciplines, helps us to achieve the best possible long-term results for our patients.
Please contact Dr Tim Fildes to see if this treatment option is suitable for you.

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