Introducing New Dental Plans at The Dental Studio

Introducing New Dental Plans at The Dental Studio

At The Dental Studio we are always looking for ways to make caring for your oral health as easy as possible and that is why we are delighted to announce the introduction of two new plans to help you budget for your ongoing dental treatment. Both our Children’s plans and our Orthodontic plan provided tailored cover to help ensure that you receive the specific treatments needed at different times in your life.


Children’s Plans
The Dental Studio‘s Children’s plans help you to protect your children’s teeth from day one with preventive and educational care to help them build oral hygiene routines. By putting good oral hygiene routines in from an early age, we can help to put in place the building blocks for good oral hygiene for years to come.

With plans designed from 0-18, The Dental Studio ensures that your children always receive the highest possible level of care.

Top tips for healthy children’s teeth

  • For babies and toddlers up to three years old, use a smear of toothpaste. From 3 years to 6 years use a pea sized amount. Brush twice a day, before bed and at another time that suits your schedule.
  • Some children won’t like having their teeth brushed. Try making it a game, or brush your own teeth at the same time – and then assist your child once you’re finished
  • Help your children, or supervise their brushing until you are confident of their skills. Younger children especially should be watched over to ensure they are not swallowing any toothpaste.
  • Children should start seeing the dentist as soon as they have teeth. Here at The Dental Studio we have a range of Children’s plans suited for each and every child, this means you can be assured your child is receiving the correct and best dental treatment possible.

The Dental Studio‘s Orthodontic plan is designed to help you care for your teeth once you have finished your orthodontic treatment, ensuring that you can maintain your perfect, straight smile, while also looking after your oral health.

Once you have finished your orthodontic treatment, you will need to wear retainers for the rest of your life to ensure that your teeth do not revert back to their original position. The Dental Studio‘s Orthodontic plan is designed to be the new Life Hack to your oral health. By paying a small monthly fee, you are ensuring the health and aesthetics of your smile for years to come.


For only £9.90 a month you receive

  • 1 Examination Per Year
  • 1 Hygiene Appointment (Or 2 Student Hygiene Appointments)
  • New Set Of Retainers Every 2 Years
  • 50% Off Retainers Within 2 Years
  • X-Rays (When Necessary)
  • 10% Discount Off Routine Treatment
  • Dental Studio Supplementary Insurance Which Includes Worldwide Dental Accident & Emergency Insurance To Protect Against The Cost Of Large Unforeseen Accidental Damage And Cover Whilst Away From Home + Implant Cover

If you would like to find out more how The Dental Studio can help you to care for your teeth call the surgery on 01206 845891 or book an appointment online.