Inlay | The Dental Studio Colchester, Essex


INLAYSometimes the filling a tooth needs would be just too large to be a practical solution. That’s where inlays or onlays come in. These can form much stronger restorations than large fillings would and as a result, can be expected to last much longer. Inlays & onlays can be made either from metal or in the more attractive looking white porcelain form and, like ordinary fillings, they can also be used to repair broken teeth.

After the dentist removes the decay from the tooth, it used to be necessary to take impressions but at The Dental Studio in Colchester we can eliminate this stage of the process by taking an optical scan using our Cerec system. We then employ cad cam technology to make either an inlay or onlay there and then in the surgery and we can fit this within an hour. One more example of the state of the art treatment available at our practice!