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Amalian lashes


Eyelashes Cleopatra would be proud of

The lure of long lashes dates as far back as ancient Egypt. Although even Cleopatra might have raised a non-existent eyebrow at our current obsession with luscious eyelashes. Indeed, eyelashes are currently one of the biggest beauty trends and the industry has been flooded with new products ranging from mascaras to eyelash extensions.

Amalian LASHES is a brand new gel designed to naturally enhance eyelashes by making them look longer, thicker and curlier.

Made in Germany and based on an innovative technology designed for eyelash revitalisation, Amalian LASHES is a novel proprietary formulation (pat.pend.). The highly bio-compatible formula is enriched with a sugar complex, which has an encapsulated active ingredient designed to nourish and boost eyelashes. The eyelash gel is formulated without preservatives and alcohol, and is therefore very well tolerated. Safe to use with no ocular side effects, it has been clinically reviewed by dermatologists and ophthalmologists and the product is non-allergenic.

Amalian LASHES is available in a user-friendly dispenser. The topical gel should be applied once daily like an eyeliner, preferably in the evening, for visible, measurable natural enhancement of eyelashes within 8 weeks’ time.

Amalian LASHES makes lashes look longer, darker and thicker.

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